every leaf

Autumn is a time that always reminds me why I love Berlin. The sunlight has a quality that Summer cannot match and as the trees start to shed the green that came as such a relief in Spring they flood the city with reds, oranges, browns and auburns that are truly breathtaking.

Autumn in Berlin was my first experience of the seasons as individuals, each with a host of different qualities showing me myself in new ways. Albert Camus said: Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. As with so much of what he had to say I agree in part. I would shy away from defining Autumn solely in terms of Spring as this seems to keep us in a rut where we overlook the beauty of one season by constantly comparing it to another. However, I love his observation that every leaf is a flower. Seeing this stripping process for the beautiful thing that it is, is Albert’s first triumph here. His second lies in highlighting a shift of focus – in Autumn every leaf is a flower. That which was functional and lost in a crowd of green throughout summer now comes into its own in the midst of what appears to so many to be a time of loss – superbe!

Wherever you may be in the world – treasure the season you’re in xxx

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