Hindsight is always twenty-twenty (Billy Wilder) and of all of the forms of wisdom it is the least merciful and the most unforgiving (John Fletcher). To me hindsight could be likened to the moment in which someone realizes that they are colour-blind and that what had been reality to them was in fact a limited and idiosyncratic version of what others had seen and experienced. Sophocles likened hindsight to suffering because you fumble through the moment and then you are doomed to relive its imperfection in the stark illumination of retrospect’s panoramic perspective. This is almost certainly true but it must also be said that hindsight is a fertile source of wisdom that gives us new eyes:

“Did I just leave so you would come to me?
Did I make you up just so I could believe?
A hopeless notion perfect for a dream
Why do I, why do I have to leave to see” – Trent Dabbs, Leave to See 

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