black out

Today is black tuesday in South Africa. Zapiro’s take on it reminded me of a Rolling Stones classic and sent me through a maze of word associations involving black… To black something out is to obscure it completely so that it cannot be read or seen. Being in the black is, contrary to what it sounds like, actually a good thing, whereas a black-on-black approach to battle tends to alas Nietzsche make monsters out of all involved.

As I look at the events unfolding in SA I find myself fighting back fear for my family, friends and the country that lies ingrained in me. In the midst of this creeping anxiety I am challenged by what Martin Luther King Jr said, “We must build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear.” I find myself building with words and images, grasping at truth, knowing that my imperfect creations stand on a beautiful and mysterious foundation.


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