a case of the keys

I heard a beautiful story tonight: A young prince was sent from his perfect kingdom to live as a free man among slaves for 33 years. In his final year on the desolate planet the tyrant who ruled over the slaves finally managed to arrange for the prince to be put to death in the most humiliating of fashions – he was brutally executed with the lowest of criminals.

After his death he descended to hell where the same tyrant awaited him – reveling in what he believed to be a sure fire victory over this prince who had fearlessly declared a message of freedom during his short life. But the prince was part of a bigger plan, and as he stole the keys of life and death from the tyrant it became clear exactly who had been had.

The prince’s victory over the tyrant meant that slavery was no longer the only option for the people who came to know him – he had faced and conquered death so that they could choose life and freedom.


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