the mission (im)possible

Gustave Flaubert said a strinking thing, “What is the beautiful, if not the impossible.” Some of the most precious things in my life are the impossible ones. I laughed with a dear friend of mine on Sunday afternoon when I told her how I have so often met people, herself included, and thought to myself it would be impossible for me to be friends with this person only to find myself in a wonderful and enriching friendship with them a couple of months later.

To love and be loved is in all honesty also seemingly impossible at times; and yet by grace I was first loved unfailingly with patience, kindness, truth, humility, gentleness, strength, faith, hope and perseverance; and thus I find myself able to love others. The impossible can be part of everyday life if, as Francis of Assisi said, we start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly find ourselves doing the impossible.

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