inside out

Saviour. Lord. Father.

You have explored worlds within me that I am yet to discover
None of my secrets are hidden from you
You know when I stop to breathe and when I get back on my feet
You understand my thoughts even before they take root in my mind
Whether I am charging out into the wide world or simply resting
You are the one that I cannot surprise.
You hear my unformed words
Even before they are on my tongue.
You lead me in the dance of daily life
Keeping me on course.
I cannot wrap my mind or heart around you
Your ways are not mine to understand.

Where could I hide from that which is already within me?
Where could I run from the air that I breathe?
You are in every wild flower
In every seemingly endless night
Your joy opens my eyes to see the dawn take the earth by the edges
And shake the darkness out of it
If I sail to the edge of the world as I know it
You steer my course and still the storms.
When the black of the night is all I choose to see
And the light has drained from my eyes
You illuminate this impossible place
Setting the darkness ablaze.

I am your workmanship
Dreamt and crafted into being before time
In the depths of my mother where you formed me.
My life, my every breath exalts you,
Creator, who creates in your image.
You saw and knew me
While the world was still waiting
You drew together the corners of my being in the unknown
You saw the life that would be
Each day accounted for in your story
Well before they came to pass.
Your thoughts are the treasures I hoard
Countless, eternal, flooding every corner of my being
You are the constant
In each of life’s awakenings.

My attempt at a translation of what I consider to be the greatest letter ever written to God (David wrote it and it was published as the 139th chapter of his Psalms).

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