movement and sound

Something that I have wanted to do for many years is to start playing the piano again. I had taken lessons for a number of years as young girl but the things I learnt seemed to have gotten completely lost in my brain’s archives. Moving abroad and settling into a new city and culture meant that I put this dream on hold, but in the past weeks I decided that the time had come to get started.

I turned to the internet in search of an English-speaking piano teacher who offered private lessons in Berlin. I was lucky enough to find Yi-Li Chien, an internationally trained pianist who is now living and teaching in Berlin. We had our first lesson yesterday and the experience was nothing short of invigorating. As a lover of music I had become increasingly frustrated with the fact that it was like a language I could once speak and understand but had lost over time. As I sat down with Yi-Li we went right back to the basics and remembering what I had learnt as a child and learning new things was a wonderful adventure. My fingers fumbled their way through everything from scales to a stripped-down version of Swan Lake and all the while my heart and mind beamed with that special brand of joy that learning invokes. I look forward to rediscovering the language of music over the coming months – I will keep you posted on the journey.

If you are living in or around Berlin and looking for an English and/or Chinese piano instructor get in touch with Yi-Li Chien. She is a truly gifted teacher!


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