false start

hello world,

i woke up this morning and found myself in february 2013. i hope you will allow me to skip the pleasantries and start with a question: where did january go?

no, seriously.

i may be the only person who misplaced this month of constancy, garnets and snowdrops, but on the off-chance that i’m not i decided to check in.

here’s the thing: i recall christmas (and its advent welcome wagon) as clearly as a cluster of stop frame yesterdays, but january seems to be MIA in my archive. logic tells me that it came and went, because – as i have so keenly observed – february is here. however, the memory lane route to said escapee seems to be closed (here’s hoping for construction) and as time waits for no (wo)man I decided to drop you a line instead.

it’s one thing to feel that i’m fuzzy on the details of that one summer vacation when I was 12 years old, but another altogether to have the same sensation about the days and weeks that have just whooshed past. this somewhat false start has left me reeling and i guess i am writing to you because i hope that you could at the very least corroborate my experience with a, “what! you too? i thought I was the only one.”

don’t be a stranger!
xxx shades


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