a child called exul

I remember Exul. The child with the translucent eyes that see eternity in every moment and laugh down the highest walls. A young royal, firmly rooted in a kingdom that fills darkness with fear. Love is a force that flows through her, unobscured by the borders we draw in our desert souls. She dances through life, fueled by the realisation that she is alive and every moment is a gift to be a treasured with an open hand.

And when she stumbles her tears fall freely, washing out her eyes to see the world in a new and beautiful way. With these eyes to see, and ears to hear, she continues on her way weaving together the precious hearts that cross her path. She awakens the dawn with songs of truth, of life, of chains melting away like the last snow of Winter. Her words shatter the frozen lakes in others, awakening the birth of a Spring that had waited in the depths.

I remember Exul. I see her now as I look in the mirror your eyes hold up. Her face is not only a hope, but also in some strange manner a memory. I remember, help me lest I forget.

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