sounds of summers past

What does Summer sound like now? Wind whistling through brimming trees, busses passing right on schedule and floorboards creaking underfoot as she soothes her baby boy back to sleep, while the sun clings to the sky, daring darkness to interrupt its reign.

What did Summer sound like then? Liquid words and sounds rolling around in the golden light as their two hearts danced toward one another, while I sat in the corner stealing glimpses of the early chapters in their journey.

What did my first Summer in Berlin sound like? Stunned to silence I would make my way through the city’s streets, its broken symphony leaving its mark on my stone heart. Sitting in her lounge, with Friedrichshain’s heart beating all around us, I found that I was home.

What does our friendship sound like? It is the sound of countless beautiful surprises that broke into a walled heart. It is the sound of truth spoken in love and prayers silencing seemingly insurmountable worries. Tears and laughter have shared the stage as we dared to see and hear and speak. It is the sound of growing pains as we journey through life – sometimes running, sometimes carrying each other. It is the sound of life loved out loud.

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