museum of beauty and pain

museum of beauty and pain

I cannot recall the moment I met or first saw her. In the whirlwind of a newly unfolding chapter life simply and seamlessly wove her into my heart. Now I find myself with the impossible task of curating the most beautiful moments we have shared. How does one do that for a friendship that has traversed thousands of miles and memories?

Ours is a story of laughter and tears shared in equal measure, of beauty and truth unfolding within and around us. She taught me to treasure the ones closest to you for they repeatedly dare to step into the firing line, knowing that glory and pain will be delved out in equal measure.

When my heart broke and the world as I knew it was swept away like dust gathered in darkened corners, she would slip words of light under my door, knowing that nothing else could nourish me back to life.

As an artist she showed me that beauty can be created with whatever life hands us. As an explorer she ventured into territories that my fears often forbade me to explore and in journeying with her I ultimately found my way home. As a teacher she laughed down the walls of my pride allowing knowledge to flow in afresh.

Welcome to our museum of beauty and pain, every piece you see here speaks of the joys and scars of lives truly shared.

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