under lock and key

under lock and key

She was an answer to an unspoken prayer in a chapter of my life where asking for the things I wanted was always shifted to the side. As is so often the case, I would need hindsight ‘s assistance to see this answer but now, years later, its clarity is unmistakable.

We met in an unknown corner of a city I was yet to open my heart to. I stood waiting at a tram stop sandwiched between lego towers filled to capacity with beating hearts and untold stories. In my tartan coat and bright hightops I seemed to be an awkward burst of colour in the Autumn’s grey, but she had eyes to see beyond my averted gaze and the courage to scratch beneath my proud exterior.

We travelled back to the city’s centre together on that faded Sunday afternoon, welcoming one another into our respective worlds and stories as we connected dots and impressions. A dinner would follow and after that our stories simply wove their way together. Over countless conversations and beautiful moments she proved to be the friend I hadn’t dare ask for.

In opening my heart to our friendship I found it unlocked to the city of our dreams. A place she had known and loved even as it continually changed before her eyes. In seeing it as she did it slowly became my home.

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