when death dies

thank you

Since the beginning of our time death has been the great enemy and the great equaliser. The one none of us can overcome or outwit, regardless of the family and country we are born into, or the race, class or culture we are labeled with.

As humans we live and we die, and then? The existentialists and their various spin offs have devoted considerable intellectual energy to confirming the default sense we all carry that life is absurd and so easily drained of the meaning we try and fill it with.

The only thing that can destroy death is pure life, but in our imperfection and mortality we have, despite our unwavering efforts, never been able to put an end to our end.

Today I remember a man who lived the unimaginable life – perfect and pure in a broken, withering world. He died and in doing so left the burdens of the world in the grave. The world he awoke to was renewed and liberated by this great love.  He opened an impossible door to eternity and because of him we can live to walk through it.

The title of this post was borrowed from Gungor.

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